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The 5 Best Ways to Spend Your Extra Hour of Daylight Saving Time, Ranked

Fall back, fam

LEVEL Editors


Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Getty Images

5. Win 24 Grammys

Remember that meme about having the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé? Well, now you have an extra hour — which means even more time to do the things Beyoncé does on the regular! Go ahead: Launch a clothing line, break the Internet with a new album, co-opt a classic Disney film and make it Black and beautiful as hell. Time is on your side!

4. (Re)watch ‘WandaVision’

If you missed this early 2021 hit, there’s no better time to dive in. And with all of that extra time, you can even watch the end credits, which offer barely any Easter eggs and pad, like, 37 minutes onto each episode. We guess you could hum along or something.

3. Have sex

Because, like, it’s sex. Of course, be safe, and get tested (Covid and otherwise) if you plan on hooking up with a Tinder rando. But if you can, just hunch away your extra 60 minutes. Or less. You’ve got nothing to prove.

2. Form an LLC

We’re no financial planners, but we do use Twitter and Clubhouse. If there’s anything those two apps that are never wrong have taught us, it’s that we should use any extra available minutes of our days to start businesses. Do we have products to sell? Do we have any actual business ideas? No and no. But an LLC is the only path to financial stability. So, boom: We’re getting on that right now.

1. Eat everything you can

It’s a proven fact that if you eat during the extra daylight savings hour, the calories don’t count. For real. Eat a cake, some donuts, 12 burgers. Whatever you want. The calories just slide clean off. They go into a portal to another space-time dimension, never to be seen again.