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8 Superheroes Who Are Actually Enormous Douchebags, Ranked

If only their superpowers included being a halfway decent member of society

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3 min readAug 28, 2020


Photo illustration; image source: DC Films

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8. Wonder Woman

Overall, Wonder Woman isn’t a monster. But she’s had her moments. Like that one time she sold her people out by breaking her homeland’s millennia-old rule: Absolutely no men allowed! She just had to bring a dude to the all-female Amazonian island of Themyscira for no reason other than he’d crash-landed, was cute or whatever, and was probably gonna die. And they say men have trouble controlling their lassos.

7. The Punisher

Give a traumatized military tactician a seemingly endless arsenal of weapons and a black skull T-shirt and watch his incel ass go full Call of Duty on the criminal underworld. Is there anything worse than a trigger-happy antihero who’s just as likely to pop a cap in your kneecap as he is to save you from a burning building?

6. Cyclops and Wolverine (tie)

The one nice thing you can say about either mutant is that he loathes the…