When Being a Good Father Means Being a Good Dog Owner

We are raising a boy and a puppy. And the similarities are astounding. And expensive.

Chris L. Robinson
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3 min readJun 4, 2019


Alexander and Shadow Robinson. Photo: Christopher Robinson.

I am not a dog person. Or a cat person. If there are lizard persons, I am not that either.

I am not an animal person of any kind.

And I have always rolled my eyes at the little names people give their pets that suggest that they are kind of like children — “fur babies,” for example.

So when we brought our puppy home a few weeks ago, I had no reason to believe that I would ever use any such terms.

But, oh my God, if someone doesn’t get over here and help me take care of my son’s furry brother I am going to lose it.

I don’t know a lot about pets, but I am the oldest of six kids and the father of one so I know about raising kids, and this creature is like a kid. The cost alone of raising him screams “human baby.”

For example, in the month that we’ve had him, he’s been to several vet appointments for checkups and immunization shots. None covered by my human health insurance.

We’ve even had to take him to emergency care.

Do you like chocolate? Well, so do dogs, but it can make them very sick. So after our puppy ate approximately a tablespoon of chocolate chips, my wife rushed him to the the vet. We were billed for a diagnosis of: “He’ll be fine.”

Now, had I been home, I might have pointed out that it takes a lot more than a few chocolate chips to really endanger even a dog as small as ours, but I wasn’t, and apparently we don’t take chances with the pup.

Just like the boy.

Do you see where I’m going with this?



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