What you could’ve bought for Trump’s $750 tax payment

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8 min readSep 29, 2020

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Donald Trump’s tax returns have been a topic of debate, consternation, and mystery for the past half decade. While it’s customary for presidential candidates to show what they’ve paid to Uncle Sam in past years, Trump has not done so, making it one of the many unenforceable traditions with which he simply refuses to comply. This weekend, the public finally got a glimpse into his returns, and it seems The Donald is a broke boi.

Okay, either that or he’s evading his taxes. Or both are true. Whatever; we’re not accountants. The New York Times got a hold of Donald Trump’s tax returns and they reveal some pretty shocking (read: not at all shocking) details about the former WrestleMania 24 co-host’s finances. Here are the big-ticket items:

  • In 10 of the last 15 years, Donald Trump has paid exactly zero dollars in taxes.
  • Donald Trump is hundreds of millions of dollars in personal debt and could face a very hefty judgement from the IRS regarding a $73 million refund when his job as president is over (if it ever ends).
  • In 2016 and 2017, Donald Trump paid $750 in taxes.

Seven. Hundred. And. Fifty. Dollars. In other words, 15 Virgils.

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This has raised all sorts of questions about the legal implications of these revelations, which remain unanswered. Here’s what we do know: $750 is very easy to spend. Here are a few things we have, want, or covet that cost at least as much as Trump paid in an entire whole-ass calendar year.

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They did get you a PS5 bundle, right? Gamestop was selling one for exactly $749.99; it had games and everything. If they love you, they already made the purchase…