This Week in Racism

The Racism Is Bigger in Texas for Black Golfers

It’s an embarrassment of riches in our weekly roundup of the world’s most preventable disease!

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Death and taxes used to be the only two certainties in life. But no matter how much progress it feels like we’re making sometimes, the sad fact is you can probably slide racism into that list. Are we in a moment of uprising that feels like it has the potential to create real, systemic change? Yes. Do people and organizations still show their ass on a daily basis? Oh, most definitely. And to keep tabs on all that ass-showing, we created a weekly racism surveillance machine. If you already get our newsletter, Minority Report, you’ve likely seen this — but now the rest of the internet can get a taste.

🗑 Racist, gullible, and deceptive? GOP chapter hits the trifecta!

In yet another remix of “Local Republican Parties Posting Wild Shit on Facebook,” allow us to introduce you to Indiana’s Brown County GOP. Last week, the group posted a purported Baltimore Sun op-ed called “The Black Dilemma,” which asked the question, “Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority White population?” (Part of the answer, in case you’re both curious and a masochist, is that “too many Black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them.”) Not only is the op-ed in question vile, but it’s a giant fucking hoax that originated on a White-supremacist website in 2014. Not surprisingly, Republicans and Democrats alike made a big ol’ stink about the post, only for the county party chair, Ron Bowman, to say he wouldn’t comment and wouldn’t reveal who ran the Facebook page. Great strategy — except the contact email listed for the page happened to belong to Bowman’s wife, Robyn. It’d be a shame if people responded by not boycotting the Bowmans’ real estate agency, wouldn’t it? Then again, they may get plenty of business regardless; in the past two years, Brown County schools have dealt with a teacher who wore blackface and a local yearbook identifying a student simply as “Black guy.” Stay classy, Indiana. (South Bend Tribune/Bloomington Herald-Times)

🗑 You mean the golf world isn’t the racial utopia we always believed it to be?

When Darius Jones and his friend showed up at The Trails of Frisco Golf Club in Frisco, Texas, they were just looking to get in a round on a course they’d never played before. What they found when they got to the sixth hole was something far less leisurely: the N-word written into a sand bunker. This wasn’t the first moment of racism that had greeted them at the club; when Jones had showed up to check in, the shop attendant asked him when the other “boy” would be arriving. But wait, it gets better! After they finished playing and headed back to the clubhouse, Jones showed a photo of the sand bunker to the same shop attendant — who looked at it, then handed the phone back to Jones without a word. Now the club’s not commenting, with a spokesperson saying only that they’re pursuing legal advice. Okay, look. We’re not saying that golf’s long history of racist exclusion makes this sort of thing inevitable, we’re just saying that if you catch us with a bag of clubs in our trunk, best believe they’re for self-defense only. (Dallas Morning News)

🗑 Let’s just take the happy endings where we can get them

In all the weeks of writing this column, we may have never included something just because it’s fun. Funny? Sure, in the laugh-to-keep-from-crying way. But fun? Yeah, that’s not how racism works. But it’s not gonna stop us from appreciating the fact that T-Pain was livestreaming Call of Duty when this happened. If you’re not someone who plays multiplayer video games, we’ve gotta break some hard news: People are assholes and often racist assholes. So when Pain entered the game lobby, he was greeted with someone just chanting the N-word and saying “fuck Black Lives Matter.” Did he leave the game? Cry into his magical auto-tuning mic? Hell to the nah. He became a rapper ternt sanger ternt one-man juggernaut, marauding through the game and bathing in the blood of his backward-ass opponents. “I WANT IT ALL!” he howled exultantly. “Keep talkin’ that n****r shit!” Does it really change anything? Nah. But digital or not, we’re not gonna turn down a moment of catharsis this good. (TikTok)

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