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Father-Son Time

The Artist Formerly Known As Loon Never Stopped Being a Father to His Son While In Prison

The former Bad Boy star’s bond with his son is tighter than ever


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There was a time between 2000 and 2003 when Amir Junaid Muhadith, born Chauncey Hawkins and known to the world as Loon, was Sean “Diddy” Combs’ most reliable wingman. The native Harlemite, then in his mid-twenties, was the MVP of a post-Biggie-and-Mase Bad Boy Records, injecting “I Need A Girl” and its sequel with a rugged gloss that glued the pair of hits to radio. He released his eponymous debut album on the legendary-but-troubled label in 2003, but the onetime member of the group Harlem World would strike out on his own soon after.

Muhadith was raised by his grandparents in Harlem’s Esplanade Gardens, while his mother grappled with drug addiction. His father wasn’t present either. After a friend was shot outside his building, the youngster was whisked away for a brief stint living in Beverly Hills with his godfather, movie producer George Jackson, before being sent back to New York for fighting.

Having squandered legitimate opportunities, Muhadith immersed himself in the streets, living up to his then-moniker. But his lyrical talent gave him one last lifeline, as he spent countless hours in the studio helping to rebuild a music empire.

After leaving Bad Boy, he dropped two solo albums independently in 2006 (No Friends and Wizard of Harlem) and a joint album with another Bad Boy alum, G-Dep, in 2007. But he never quite reached the same popularity with his music once removed from the house that Combs built. He converted to Islam in 2008 and began to distance himself from the music industry, renaming himself Amir and moving to Egypt in 2010.

Unfortunately, Muhadith’s past in the streets caught up to him in an almost predictable, cinematic fashion. He was arrested in 2011 at a Brussels airport on felony drug charges, based on a loose association with two dealers he had introduced. While he maintained his innocence, two prior felonies on his record gave him little room to negotiate…



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