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The 9 Best Coronavirus-Safe Greetings, Ranked

Keep your hands to yourself

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2 min readMar 11, 2020


T.I. saluting
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9. Thinning of the lips

A subtle “I see you” to both the impending end of days and whomever you’re acknowledging. If you know, you know.

8. The Kid ’n Play

Like a dap, but for the feet — do it right and you can almost imagine John Witherspoon yelling about “Public Enema.”

7. Raised eyebrows

Could be shade, could be respect; at the very least, they see you and vice versa.

6. Short-distance wave

Hey, what’s up, hello!

5. Elbow bump

Throw dem bows — 80% more gently and awkwardly than Ludacris originally intended.

4. Salute

A bit more militaristic than you may like, but it’s a solid cross-cultural gesture.

3. Fist bump

Sideways or head-on—just keep those knuckles off your face afterward.

2. Black Power fist