The 8 Worst Interracial Buddy Action Movies, Ranked

For every Beverly Hills Cop or Blazing Saddles, there’s a … well, this

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2 min readMar 23, 2020


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8. ‘Rush Hour’ (1998)

We’re not gonna even dignify the sequels by acknowledging them. Instead, we’re happy to bestow Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan with the Least Worst award — joining the lone not-racist Cracker Barrel, Madea Goes to Jail, and homie with the locs from Young Black Teenagers.

7. ‘Running Scared’ (1986)

So Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines play Chicago undercover cops, and — wait, sorry, what? Never has a movie title so perfectly described our physical reaction to the premise.

6. ‘Cop Out’ (2010)

Bruce Willis has played a cop in some pure classics. This isn’t one of them. Tracy Morgan, you did what you could.

5. ‘Nothing to Lose’ (1997)

No shots at Tim Robbins or Martin Lawrence, but … well, the evidence speaks for itself.