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The 7 Greatest Denzel Washington Cop Flicks, Ranked

King Kong ain’t got sh!t on this list!

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2 min readApr 29, 2020


Photo source: Warner Brothers/Getty Images

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7. Déjà Vu

Bending the rules of time while reliving events over and over as the threat of a crisis looms — sounds a lot like quarantining. Co-star Paula Patton would make sheltering in place a tad bit sweeter, though.

6. Fallen

From detective to ghostbuster, our favorite cop complex meets his match when he goes against a supernatural foe that couldn’t give a damn about its Miranda rights.

5. The Mighty Quinn

This fun and action-packed flick set in Jamaica marks Denzel’s first major role as five-O — and his last time butchering patois like it’s curry goat.

4. Ricochet

This 1991 film tests the limits of the twisted revenge thriller: Denzel is deceived, entrapped, kidnapped, drugged, raped, and infected with an STD for good measure. But this blue life is all that matters in the end.

3. Out of Time