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The 6 Worst Weed-Friendly Celebrities to Smoke With, Ranked

Roll up? Nah, roll out.

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2 min readApr 19, 2020


6. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz is one of the friendliest dudes in rap, no question. He also has his own cannabis strain, and is accustomed to a truly superhuman level of intake — so what might be a casual smoke break for him is a paralyzing day-ender for you. (See also: Snoop.)

5. Roger Stone

Sure, trees are the universal bridge builder, but if anyone’s gonna burn that bridge, it’s a longtime Trump crony with a back tattoo of Richard Nixon.

4. Martha Stewart

We get it, Martha. You bro’ed down with America’s High-Ass Uncle (again, see: Snoop), and couldn’t pimp that halo effect fast enough. You even started an edibles-for-dogs line, word to Permit Patty. But as it turns out, you’re not actually about that life. Go latch on to another source of relevance.

3. Matt Barnes

The now-retired NBA vet was one of the first active athletes to open up about medicating, and that’ll always count for something. But given the fact that homie once drove 95 miles to scrap with Derek Fisher on some meet-me-in-Temecula shit, feels like he’s a little high-strung for a…