The 6 Worst People You’ll Meet at the Gym This Month, Ranked

At least wear a damn mask

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2 min readJan 4, 2021


Photo illustration; source: martin-dm/Getty Images

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6. The aggressive spotter

“Need a spot, bruh? Here, lemme just… [somehow squats directly over your face]. Okay. Yeah, man, get it. Get it! Grind it! YOU GOT THIS! THE GRIND DON’T STOP! YES! POWER! FEEL IT! Whoooooooooo! Incredible work, man. When you’re done stretching, just lemme know and I’ll come back to help with the lifts.”

5. The cinematographer

We’ve got no issues waiting for our turn at the deadlift platform. Except, that is, when this guy has to adjust his phone juuuust so, then record each set, then watch and edit each video — all so he can post them on r/formcheck with the caption “Felt good. RPE 6. Bar path okay?”

4. The tourist

We get it. Maybe you haven’t been here in a while. Maybe you just signed up and you don’t really know where anything is, plus the January crowds make the experience even more intimidating. But gotdamn if that means you have to stop every three feet to consider doing something, then keep shuffling on with a…