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The 6 Strangest Shows Greenlit by Quibi, Ranked

Rest in power, weird-ass kings and queens!

LEVEL Editors
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3 min readApr 6, 2021


Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Dishmantled via Quibi

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6. ‘Rapper Ninja Warrior’

Yes, the premise was exactly what it sounds like: Blindfolded MCs navigated an obstacle course populated with swole-ass gladiators, rapping all the while. And the only reason this is the least-weird entry on the list is because Eric Andre actually managed to prove its potential on his self-titled Adult Swim show. Honestly, if Quibi had lived long enough to add the show to its platform, we might have become paying subscribers.

5. ‘Home Movie: The Princess Bride’

Only in 2020, a year in which everyone was at home and a billion-dollar company was absolutely desperate for content, could “a bunch of actors re-enact The Princess Bride in their separate backyards” qualify as a show idea. We’re not saying it was bad, we’re just saying: This is what we’ve come to.

4. ‘Dummy’

White folks know well the ballad of Community creator (and Rick and Morty co-creator) Harmon, whose comedic genius was always offset by… let’s…