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The 5 Worst Ways to Spend Your Stimulus Check, Ranked

Don’t spend it all in one place! LOLOL

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2 min readJan 5, 2021


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5. Clothing

Let’s be honest: Vaccine or not, we’re probably still gonna be shut down for a large portion of the year. White tees and basketball shorts have served you just fine for Zoom calls this long — don’t suddenly become a quarantine Hypebeast.

4. Tummy tea

The weight-loss promise of shitting away the pounds is never a wise investment. Just grab a bottle of prune juice, stay within clenched-knee-shuffling radius of a bathroom, and call it a day.

3. Sketchy plastic surgery

You may not be able to afford Dr. Oz with your government funds (even if you score the full $600!), but that doesn’t mean you should blow your coins on some back-alley botox.

2. Forex

Granted, we don’t completely understand the mechanics of the currency trade market, so maybe it just feels sketchy. We just wish the Forex believers we know would let us in on the scam instead of setting us up for the okey-doke. Don’t…