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The 5 Most Inevitable Fights During a Spades Game, Ranked

You go blind, you best be able to see it through!

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2 min readMar 24, 2021


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5. Continual underbidding

In life, there’s nothing wrong with playing things safe. In Spades, however, you’re guaranteed to draw the contempt of your opponents for continually making two or more books than you bid. It’s all fun and games until someone bags out.

4. Difference over rules

You’ve gotta establish the house rules from jump — especially when playing with folks from different backgrounds, regions, and levels of experience with internet gaming. Are deuces wild? Which is the Big Joker? Sandbags or nah? You really gonna bid nil, like, in real life? Sort this stuff out before the game begins or it might be settled less than peacefully after the fact.

3. Failure to make books bid

Spades is one of very few competitive sports in which partners are more likely to squabble with each other than with opponents. This game is equal parts strategy and probability, but success comes down to teamwork…