That Moment When You Realize Diversity Training Doesn’t Work

LEVEL’s own The Only Black Guy in the Office sounds off on the latest in corporate America–related news in a brand-new column

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2 min readMar 16, 2021


After a year like 2020, it’s no surprise that diversity training in corporate America has become big business — a cottage industry that has made bank for its practitioners. Companies that have participated in these sessions have been completely transformed in their operation, rewiring the minds of employees from executive to entry level and shifting the seesaw of privilege into a more balanced position. Well, at least that was the goal. Turns out, studies have shown that the DEI boom is largely ineffective in removing workplace inequity — in many cases, these trainings can have the opposite effect. Doh!

The development is just one of a handful of news bits that The Only Black Guy in the Office dives into in his latest piece, “Behind the Headlines of Corporate America’s Latest Blunders.” The story represents his first for Index, a new Medium publication that launched today, created by the good folks at LEVEL’s sister publication Marker. As site editor Jean-Luc Bouchard writes, the work-focused hub promises to create “a home for the voices, experiences, and real people behind jobs and careers of all kinds.”

That grand vision includes our dude The Only Black Guy in the Office. While he’ll continue to contribute snarky musings about his experiences as a Black man navigating the White waters of corporate America here on LEVEL every week, he’ll also post up once a month on Index, offering unapologetically woke commentary on news related to race and diversity in the white-collar workplace.

Same smart-ass perspective, new home. Support our guy in his side hustle. Pour some bubbly. And make sure you’re following both Index and The Only Black Guy in the Office so you don’t miss a thing!

Peep his latest piece — which also addresses a politician putting his foot in his mouth and Google’s “creative” solution to workplace racism — right here on Index: