Breyon Prescott, photographed in Sherman Oaks in May. Photos: Nolwen Cifuentes

Teddy Riley Took Him Viral, But Breyon Prescott Was Already a Big Deal

The songwriter and storied music executive speaks on his extensive career

I tricked Kanye into understanding how amazing Jamie would be on “Gold Digger.” I said, “Kanye, give me a CD to the Ray Charles part.” He gave me a CD. I said, “Aww, I got his ass now!”

I’ll never be able to get back the joy of being in front of 8 million people at one time with Teddy Riley and Babyface, two of the greatest guys to ever do it. It was a joy and an honor and a blessing to be a part of it.

William E. Ketchum III is a journalist based in Brooklyn, NY who covers music, TV/film, culture, and mental health for VIBE, NPR, BBC, NBC, Complex, and more.

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