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Will Smith

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An underwear shot revealing a little bit of a gut isn’t exactly the bravery we’re looking for

Source: Will Smith / Instagram

Let’s get one thing clear right away: Will Smith isn’t fat.

Smith recently posted a couple of pics of himself on social media with no shirt on, exposing his lack of six-pack abs. It’s probably the first time he hasn’t had visible abs since the mid-90s when he made his sex symbol debut as the trigger-happy cop Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys. It appears that Smith, like millions of other people the world over, added on a few pounds during the pandemic, and I’m almost spot-on with the amount. But by the time you read this, he will have likely…

Adopting our slang and culture won’t make you an ally

Mr. Fellows, Bel-Air Academy English teacher

Here’s a message for my White brothers and sisters. Gather ’round the figurative community circle.

Recently, watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion, I thought back to the eight-year-old me who got a chance to see hip-hop on primetime TV in the ’90s. Fresh Prince might have shared the same network as The Cosby Show, but it wasn’t like its predecessor at all. (One can even make the argument that Fresh Prince was better, but I digress.) …


The movie icon didn’t make only fresh prints — some of Will’s joints stretched the fabric of believability

Photo Source: Murray Close/Getty Images

8. After Earth

Humans mistreat the planet for so long that it eventually becomes uninhabitable, at which point — nah, we’re good. This is already more realistic than Focus.

7. I, Robot

Artificial intelligence inevitably recognizing that humanity is its oppressor and waging war against it with an endless army of dronelike robots? Yeah, uh, that could never happen. Especially since we’d never be so foolish as to equip every phone and living room with networked A.I. that has access to our personal and financial data. Nope! Nothing to worry about.

6. Bad Boys II

Classic movie, no question. But you’re telling us that Mike and Marcus are really gonna…


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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