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White Supremacy

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Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers being brought to justice is a small victory in a never-ending fight

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that three men who decided to hunt and lynch Ahmaud Arbery for the crime of jogging while Black in America can still be found guilty by a mostly White jury of their peers.

(No anti-lynching bill has been passed by Congress into federal law.

The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict re-establishes a dangerous precedent—and sends a terrifying warning to the rest of us

It must be nice to know that you can carry an AR-15, shoot three people, claim self-defense, and then be acquitted by a nearly all-White jury of your peers that also features “a Black, the Black, the only Black” jury member.

Kyle Rittenhouse, now 18, exited a courtroom today as…

The Religious Right’s idol worship of Trump is dead wrong

Given Donald Trump is a serially accused sexual predator, known racist and misogynist, proven liar, scammer, longtime cheapskate, and creep, some had wondered if the White evangelical Protestants who supported his presidential bid in 2016 would eventually remember who Jesus Christ was and how Christianity and Trumpism aren’t much of…

A European-rooted holiday that began with disguised White people welcoming devils into their homes? No thanks.

Aside from Columbus Day, Halloween may be America’s most trash holiday tradition. Yes, it’s even worse than Thanksgiving.

Obviously, Turkey Day’s origin is connected to the genocide of thousands of Native Americans. Yet it has evolved into a time of the year when families gather and tighten. Just as enslaved…

Last month, a Black man was killed by a White man in Oregon because he complimented the man’s White girlfriend. Sound familiar?

Earlier this year, an old photo of Emmett Till and his mother spread across the internet. Although the picture of Till alive and smiling next to his mother had been seen for decades, its revitalization came from the fact that it wasn’t in black-and-white; the slain boy has seldom been…

Toppling White supremacy has never been more within reach, but its defenders are too sensitive and ungrateful to allow for meaningful progress

It has never been easier for White America to stop racism in its tracks, and yet here we are in the summer of 2021, debating over things like Juneteenth and Black history in classrooms and, still, the matter of Black lives. Apparently the melting pot of America is more like…


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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