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The Office

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It’s an embarrassment of riches in our new weekly roundup of the world’s most pathetic people!

Death and taxes used to be the only two certainties in life — but no matter how much progress it feels like we’re making sometimes, the sad fact is you can probably slide racism into that list. Are we in a moment of uprising that feels like it has the potential to create real, systemic change? Yes. Do people and organizations still show their ass on a daily basis? Oh, most definitely. And to keep tabs on all that ass-showing, we’re pleased to introduce our weekly racism surveillance machine. …

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

Shoutout to Scott’s Tots!

Photo Source: NBC/Getty Images

7. Martin Nash

In “The Convict,” this former white-collar crook (played by Wayne Wilderson) trolled Michael by convincing his co-workers that jail is better than working at Dunder Mifflin. (Although to be fair, some might prefer hard time to Kelly’s incessant chatter.) He only appears in two episodes, yet inspiring the character of Prison Mike solidifies his spot here.

6. Val Johnson

The Office shows a glimpse of Black love, as this warehouse foreman is clumsily courted by the ever-cool Darryl (Craig Robinson).

5. Lonny Collins

Ever wonder why most of the warehouse staff was Black? Lonny (played by the late, great Patrice O’Neal) subverted workplace dynamics in the…

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