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I became a man at the moment the medics proclaimed my father dead

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I graduated from Morehouse College in 2019 — part of the class that had its student loans paid off by the wealthiest Black man in the country, billionaire Robert Smith. However, I was also financially supported by several scholarships that in sum exceeded $70,000 throughout my time at the institution. And I would not have had that support without this essay, which I wrote as a high school student.


“Frank, you do too much!”

I can still hear my classmates. I can still hear the discomfort and distaste that they express when they hear my voice. …

Dear Level

Mental health can take a toll on any relationship — here are ways you can show up for your lover

Illustration: Olivia Fields

Just a few days after I matched with a new guy — let’s call him Shane — on a dating site, our conversations started getting deep. Shane and I had the same interests, including writing and podcasting. We were each divorced with young children. I liked him right away.

I was my full self, even in those early days: brash, talkative, silly, and intense. He showed up in full, too: vulnerable, laid-back, intelligent, and equally intense.

It was that early, intoxicating phase of things when I was still dashing to my phone to see his latest message and spending long…

Thoughts of ending my life followed me long after college ended

Photo courtesy of Joshua Kissi + TONL

We ordered cheeseburgers. My brother ordered a beer, and over fries and loud ’80s music, I told him I was molested. This story has always been the one I have been scared to write the most.

But I’m not just writing about that one dinner. No, this is about the after, because there are levels to my detachment, to my distance from the past. The elephants in the rooms I inhabit, and the cobwebs on the skeletons neatly tucked away and compartmentalized in closets. …


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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