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Dear Level

Respect the boundaries of your relationship—monogamous or otherwise—for a drama-free love life

Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Getty Images

Dear Level

It’s none of your damn business

Photo illustration: Save As/Medium/Getty Images

Dear Level

Don’t ruin a perfectly good holiday by doing too much in the bedroom

Images: zoljo, Jupiterimages, Anastasiia Burlakova, malerapaso/Getty Images

Five years of abstaining might not have been perfect, but it built an unshakeable foundation

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

I said no. My rapist didn’t hear me.

Photo: kali9/Getty Images

Dear Level

We’re all grown. Let’s forget archaic constructs and feel free to have sex whenever we want.

Illustration: Olivia Fields

Between a pandemic and a traumatic news cycle, it’s been a trying year for many Black couples. Here’s how to keep the fire burning in the bedroom.

Photo: svetikd/Getty Images

Dear Level

Just play your part and watch the magic happen

Illustration: Olivia Fields

Feeling randy and have a little time to get creative? Boom. Grab one of your scenarios. Your partner…

Dear Level

Cut. Uncut. We love them all. Most of us, anyway.

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