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Remote Working

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The Only Black Guy in the Office

When the challenges of remote work are all around you

Illustration: Michael Kennedy

The remote work revolution has changed life as we know it for corporate folks like myself. And while I’m on the record singing the praises of working from home, I’d like to set the record straight: It’s not without its faults.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed my weekday afternoon naps and time away from co-workers. But I’ve also come to realize that before the pandemic, we were putting a little bit too much gas on working from home. Is WFH convenient? You bet your ass it is. …

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

You reading, Jeffrey Toobin?

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

6. Online shopping

Would you rather stare at hovering heads haranguing about disappointing quarterly profit margins, or score a discounted Roomba during Prime Day?

Hey, if you can remember that your partner is cutting clubs and which Joker hasn’t played yet, all while updating your colleagues on upcoming work projects, more power to you. John Wall feels us.

Just make sure your mic is off while using Twitch. Don’t want to inadvertently leak your company’s Q4 launch schedule to a bunch of teens who are dusting your ass in Fortnite.

Gotta reach that 10,000-step daily goal somehow!

WFH life tends to plow through…


Don’t think you’re slick, chief

Photo illustration. Photo source: PeopleImages/Getty Images

5. Your utter lack of virtual humanity

We all miss exposure to what we’ll call “people and animals who are not living in our own home.” So when we see a foreign living object in a Zoom call, people who are human — and paying attention — react in real time. You do not. You have a three-seconds-to-infinity delay.

4. Your blank stare

It’s like you’re on a first date and your eye contact is too good. It makes you suspicious. You’re so good at this! It’s creepy! It’s somewhat effective! Also, though: We’re on to you. You are, without a doubt, toggling back and forth to Instagram.

3. Your repetition

You do that…


Working from home isn’t an invite into my personal space

Illustration: Richard A. Chance

Even the most buttoned-up corporate companies have a Slack channel where things can get a bit ratchet. You know these 2020 chat rooms when you see them: They’re often dubbed something like #random or #funny, and are home to foolery like Cardi B tweets and discussions about the weirdos on Tiger King. Back in February, folks would hop into my org’s #chit-chat channel and trade memes about the coronavirus — not quite anticipating that it’d grow into a pandemic that has upended every aspect of life in countries around the world.

Of course one of the first major American cities…


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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