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Political Prisoners

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Movie studios and actors profit from the pain and names of political prisoners but rarely lend a hand in their fight

Courtesy of Sundance Institute. Photo: Glen Wilson

In 2018, the house in which Fred Hampton was assassinated went into foreclosure. Since then, his son, Fred Hampton Jr., who was still weeks away from being born when his father was killed in 1969, started a GoFundMe campaign to save his family’s Illinois home. By early February, “Save the Hampton House” had yet to reach its goal of $350,000. Promotion for the movie , which chronicles the events leading up to the Black Panther chairman’s death was in full bloom. …

“My father deserves to be free.”
“My father deserves to be free.”


Russell ‘Maroon’ Shoatz and Russell Shoatz III share how they built an unshakable relationship in spite of incarceration and separation


Russell “Maroon” Shoatz is an activist, writer, founding member of the Black Unity Council, former member…

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