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Illustration by HelloVon for LEVEL

The LEVEL Man at 50

We always rooted for Earl Simmons — but seeing his joy as he turns 50 has helped us find our own

While the real world is stalled out and spiraling, we’re busy leveling up

Original illustration by Oakland School for the Arts student, Vinh Truong

How toxic masculinity ruined summer camp and my friendship

Photo: martinedoucet/Getty Images

After a life of struggling with my weight and self-esteem, I was on track. Then Covid came.

Photo: John M Lund Photography Inc/Getty Images

The invasive procedure has long been feared and reviled—but a new alternative changes everything

Contrary to what you learned, you don’t have to suffer in silence

Photo: Maskot/Getty Images

I’ve got a secret weapon to carry me through my middle age: humor

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

LEVEL Best Man 2020

Instead of holding each other accountable, Black men rushed to support celebrities who displayed the worst of us

Illustration: Franco Égalité

LEVEL Best Man 2020

Growth can’t happen without loving yourself, so let’s celebrate us

Photos courtesy of the contributors

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