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Photo Credit | Laura Kariuki, Elisha Williams, Saycon Sengbloh, and Dule Hill star as the Williams family via ABC

White folks are used to seeing themselves on TV. Let's face it. Back in 1988, when the original Wonder Years series aired, mainstream American television focused on telling the same coming-of-age story. Boy meets girl — scratch that — White boy meets girl was the premise of dozens of series…

Kelley Price's Headshot | Photo via Yahoo News

As "Missing White Woman Syndrome" takes center stage in our national discourse, we've discovered a treasured member of the Black community went missing back in August. But we're just learning about her disappearance now.

When Kelly Price, a 48-year old R&B and gospel singer, went missing, her name should have…


Photo by Francisco Andreotti on Unsplash

Every year, over half a million people go missing in America. That's a lot of people wholly unaccounted for, gone without a trace. And, while society should pay a lot more attention to these disappearances across the board, the very little air time allotted to these cases centers almost exclusively

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Dishmantled via Quibi

6. ‘Rapper Ninja Warrior’

Yes, the premise was exactly what it sounds like: Blindfolded MCs navigated an obstacle course populated with swole-ass gladiators, rapping all the while. And the only reason this is the least-weird entry on the list is because Eric Andre actually managed to prove its potential on his self-titled Adult Swim…

Photo:Olivier Douliery/GettyImages

Within just two months, the attempted fascist coup by White nationalists caught its first Hollywood green light. Last Thursday, Showtime announced that the network has ordered three scripts about the Trump-incited riot on Capitol Hill for a series to be helmed by Billy Ray, director of political drama The Comey…

Still from a Good Morning Britain broadcast. Jeremy Heller, a Black man with a shaved head, above a chyron that says: “Developing story. Jeremy Helligar: Writer and journalist,” and in front of a blurred photo of a worried-looking Liam Neeson holding a cellphone to his ear.
Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid interviewed me on ‘Good Morning Britain’ in February 2019. Photo from my personal collection.

This month, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan clashed on air with three Black people — his colleague, Alex Beresford, and two GMB guests — over his dismissal of Meghan Markle’s charges of racism in the royal family. Royalist Morgan was determined not to let a pesky inconvenience like white…

Colin Jost and Michael Che on Weekend Update, “Saturday Night Live.” Photo: YouTube

“A change is gonna come,” Sam Cooke sang on his 1964 album, Ain’t That Good News. Five months later, with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it did. But the burden of being Black in America has barely budged.

Changes, though, keep coming. Ever since George Floyd’s murder last year…

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

Photo: Zero Creatives/Getty Images

5. “This is a pretty disgusting article. If Parler got silenced why should Medium not get the same treatment? It’s far, far worse.”

Totally, man. Calling for Trump to face (legal) repercussions for his (legal) violations is far, far worse than fantasizing about murdering elected officials, based on a conspiracy theory that has been dismissed in courtrooms across America due to not having even a shred of evidence to support it. …


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