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The Marvel series finale undermines its own bold stab at systemic racism

Photo: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was doing just fine.

Here’s hoping Anthony Mackie and crew can soar with it

Photo: Marvel Studios

At the end of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, an elderly Steve Rogers passes his mantle as Captain America to his trusted comrade, Sam Wilson. This exchange is more than just figurative; Rogers entrusts Wilson with his iconic shield.

Marvel’s latest hit is perfect for our Covid reality

“Yet it seems clear that WandaVision’s success mostly comes down to how well it reflects the cultural moment. For better or worse, it’s a show about a woman retreating into…

The industry may have had a rough year, but there was plenty to celebrate

Photo illustration; sources: Rouzes/Getty Images, DC Comics, Marvel Comics

As with most things in 2020, comics got weird this year. The industry nearly became another casualty of the pandemic, with most series beset by months-long shipping delays. The world of sequential art faced its own #MeToo reckoning this summer as multiple prominent men were accused of sexual misconduct. All the while, creatives and publishers alike tried to more accurately reflect the diverse consumers the big companies have always said they’re trying to reach. Yet, despite the many obstacles, there have been some truly remarkable achievements worth celebrating. As the resident comics heads at LEVEL, we convened over Zoom to…

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

If only their superpowers included being a halfway decent member of society

Photo illustration; image source: DC Films

8. Wonder Woman

Overall, Wonder Woman isn’t a monster. But she’s had her moments. Like that one time she sold her people out by breaking her homeland’s millennia-old rule: Absolutely no men allowed! She just had to bring a dude to the all-female Amazonian island of Themyscira for no reason other than he’d crash-landed, was cute or whatever, and was probably gonna die. And they say men have trouble controlling their lassos.

7. The Punisher

Give a traumatized military tactician a seemingly endless arsenal of weapons and a black skull T-shirt and watch his incel ass go full Call of Duty on the criminal underworld. …

Miles Morales breathed new life into the stale Peter Parker coming-of-age story. Children who look like him can now strongly identify

Actor Shameik Moore (English language voice of Miles Morales) takes a selfie with a fan at MCM London Comic Con. Photo: Mike Marsland/Getty Images

“You’ll believe a man can fly,” promised the movie poster. Back when Richard Pryor was the funniest black man in America and “Le Freak” by Chic topped the pop chart, a Loews theater stood at the center of the Parkchester projects in the Bronx. With my eighth birthday fast approaching, my parents made a wintertime date night out of Superman: The Movie, starring the late Christopher Reeves as the big blue boy scout. Adults giggled when Supes used X-ray vision to tell Lois Lane her panties were pink; whatever else he was seeing never dawned on me.

‘In my wildest dreams, there is no king. I killed the king. The king is dead. All power to the people.’

Louisa Bertman

I began to become African a little over twenty-five years ago. That was when I left Nigeria and moved to the US. I had been born in the US in the summer of 1975 and had been taken to Nigeria in the fall of the same year. For the next seventeen years, Nigeria was home. But I also knew I was American, that the US was a kind of home too, because I had been born there. But was I African? I didn’t feel it. What I felt was that I was a Lagos boy, a speaker of Yoruba, a…

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