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Joe Biden

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Forget bipartisan politics, it’s time for Biden to get real about preventing the return of Jim Crow

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When a political party has made a coup d’état its sole policy objective, the opposing party should respond in kind. This concept has seemingly been a notion difficult for Democrats, known on a national level, to retain. Thankfully, there are the braver, bolder, more creative local state officials in places like Texas providing a blueprint on how to not merely pontificate about the importance of democracy on cable television, but actually fight in support of it.

On Monday, Democratic lawmakers in the Texas legislature left the state in what is undoubtedly their final attempt to prevent Republicans from passing new…

President Biden and the Department of Justice made a statement — but there’s still more work to be done

Photo: Melina Mara/Getty Images

You’d be hard-pressed to find two weeks of American history more honorable to the civil rights and lives of Black people than the last 14 days. The 2020 murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd didn’t slow the rate of police killing Blacks; more than 200 have lost their lives to “bad apples” since former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin suffocated Floyd last May, according to data from research group Mapping Police Violence. That figure includes the six Black people killed by law enforcement since Chauvin’s second-degree murder and manslaughter conviction on April 20.

These despicable statistics illuminated the answered…

I’m not dead, so I guess things are going okay

Photo: Doug Mills/Getty Images

When it came to the idea of Joe Biden becoming the third man to become the oldest president in American history, within my lifetime, I greeted it with headlines for essays like, “Tell Your Mee-Maw and Them to Break Up With Joe Biden, I’m Bored.”

I didn’t want an old White guy to be president — or at least not this genre of old White guy. Someone, who, as a Democratic primary candidate, told wealthy donors that, in a Biden administration, “nothing would fundamentally change.” Such thinking was a mistake of the Obama Biden administration, which was transformative in terms…

Daunte Wright’s death is yet another infuriating case of police brutality — and Biden’s response feels like politics as usual

Photo: Kerem Yucel/Getty Images

On Monday, mere minutes into my second pandemic birthday, we were all painfully reminded that turning a year older in America is a luxury that no Black man is guaranteed.

As former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial moved through its third week, another Black man’s life was stolen by law enforcement just 10 miles north of the city. His name was Daunte Wright. He was shot on Sunday night by Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter — a reported 26-year veteran of the department — during a traffic stop. He was only 20 years old.

In a news conference…

Executive orders are well and good, but it’s time to get serious

By all accounts, Joseph Biden is going to push through a dozen executive orders before his bags are even unpacked — part of a weeklong blitz set to kick off directly after the presidential inauguration. As a means of undoing some of Trump’s more spiteful policies, executive orders have their use, but most of the issues plaguing this country will take more finessing and time, which is to say they’ll likely end up on the battlefield that is Congress.

Which is where we come in.

Anyone who thought I was going to ease up on politicians just because the worst…

The coronavirus pandemic has left the U.S. economy in shambles. And while President-elect Joe Biden has a plan to provide relief to U.S. citizens, some are worried he won’t go…

Is the U.S. any safer for Black Americans?

Many rejoiced earlier this month when the decisive projection came in and the Associated Press declared Joe Biden winner of the 2020 presidential election. It was glorious (and so were the memes). While some are still riding high on the optimism of a forthcoming regime change, for others, the question lingers: How will the aftermath of Trump’s presidency play out—particularly with regard to Black Americans?

Donald Trump wasn’t the sole problem. There were millions of people who voted him into power—and even more who came out in support of a second term. Many within that base are bitter and angry…

You really want to restore the soul of the nation? Free everyone of their six-figure albatross.

President- elect Joe Biden answer questions from the press at the Queen in Wilmington, DE on November 10, 2020.
President- elect Joe Biden answer questions from the press at the Queen in Wilmington, DE on November 10, 2020.
Photo: Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post/Getty Images

As much as I have talked about my private student loans over the course of two books and countless articles, you’d think I would be a lot happier about finally reading the words, “Congratulations! Your private student loan is paid in full.”

Up until 2020, there hadn’t been a single year in which the burden of the debt attached to those loans didn’t reduce me to anger and tears of frustration at least once. In several of those years, those moments took place on multiple occasions — and were followed by dark, depressive periods. I could not have predicted that…

You’re quiet out there now that your leader is gone. Don’t expect us to lower the volume while celebrating this victory.

Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images

It’s funny how an election changes situations.

Many of you have been uncharacteristically quiet over the last couple of days, or maybe Facebook’s algorithm gods are just sparing my sanity. Either way, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the silence right now. Crickets all over.

Unfortunately, posts from some of you popped up all through Election Day/ week, when President-elect Joe Biden pulled ahead of Donald Trump in those crucial swing states. You started to plead with everyone to suddenly get along and sing “Kumbaya.” …


Internet gon’ internet!

5. Democrats pay homage

This classic pre-Covid-19 Key & Peele skit about handshakes and code-switching has been flipped an infinite number of times, yet every remixed meme feels fresh. The 2020 election version is one of the very few gifts the electoral college has blessed this nation.

4. Trump refuses to accept his L

You gotta be high on something much stronger than quaaludes if you think this Wolf of Wall Street scene couldn’t play out in reality (Jordan Belfort, who wrote the film’s source material, agrees). There are reports circulating that suggest that Trump will not willingly exit the White House upon Biden’s inauguration, in which case the…


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