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Just Rankin’ Sh!t

It’s phallic gourd season, y’all!

Photo: Lew Robertson/Getty Images

It may be played out in the emoji world, but the humble aubergine still belongs in every pandemic garden — both for its alluring purple color and its hall of fame BDE.

5. Sweet potatoes

Get into the pink with these tasty tubers. You might even find one Georgia O’Keeffe would have loved.

4. Penis peppers

This is true: Amazon sells seeds for hot chili peppers that look like penises. Not on purpose, exactly. (And as penises go, they’re not not weird-looking.) But still, there’s no better way to keep it spicy.

3. Carrots

Carrots have almost been ruined by that one disgusting Trump meme, but don’t let…

The social trend is watering your timeline with much-needed tranquility

Photo: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Nearly two years ago, Nelson ZêPequéno posted an Instagram video of himself transforming a cerulean Nintendo 64 controller into a planter for succulents. A childhood relic becoming an artful vessel for growth is a common theme in the artist’s work; he’s also transformed a rotary phone, a clock, and a record player into homes for his plants.

All are stunning sights to behold, but ZêPequéno wants the world to know that he’s not the only Black man with a green thumb. His most poignant work isn’t even on his personal account — it’s at Black Men With Gardens, where more…

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