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An underwear shot revealing a little bit of a gut isn’t exactly the bravery we’re looking for

Source: Will Smith / Instagram

Let’s get one thing clear right away: Will Smith isn’t fat.

Smith recently posted a couple of pics of himself on social media with no shirt on, exposing his lack of six-pack abs. It’s probably the first time he hasn’t had visible abs since the mid-90s when he made his sex symbol debut as the trigger-happy cop Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys. It appears that Smith, like millions of other people the world over, added on a few pounds during the pandemic, and I’m almost spot-on with the amount. But by the time you read this, he will have likely…

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

Biking with the stars!

Photo: Prince Williams/Getty Images

7. DJ Khaled

Miami’s posse cut king hasn’t seen an ab since he met Ab-Soul at a TDE picnic, but who needs muscle definition when homie’s inspirational power is even bigger than his BMI? THEY WANT YOU TO STOP PEDALIN’, FAM!

6. Tiffany Haddish

“Okay, it says here we’re gonna ‘crank up the resistance’ and ‘get out of the saddle for the next two mi’ — wait, what? Nah, forget that. I don’t even like bikes.” Sometimes you just need someone to enable your worst impulses. Hell, at least you showed up.

5. Nick Young

Look, even if Swaggy P has lost 90% of his NBA conditioning, he’s still…


At least wear a damn mask

Photo illustration; source: martin-dm/Getty Images

6. The aggressive spotter

“Need a spot, bruh? Here, lemme just… [somehow squats directly over your face]. Okay. Yeah, man, get it. Get it! Grind it! YOU GOT THIS! THE GRIND DON’T STOP! YES! POWER! FEEL IT! Whoooooooooo! Incredible work, man. When you’re done stretching, just lemme know and I’ll come back to help with the lifts.”

5. The cinematographer

We’ve got no issues waiting for our turn at the deadlift platform. Except, that is, when this guy has to adjust his phone juuuust so, then record each set, then watch and edit each video — all so he can post them on r/formcheck with the caption…

We need to make running accessible — and safe — for non-White Americans

Photo: RunPhoto/Getty Images

Thanks to the pandemic, I haven’t met up for runs with my cross-country team lately. But when we were all in the same locker room, a look around made one thing clear: Except for one or two teammates, everyone else was White.

As is the rest of the running world.

Of course, some of the most successful runners in the world are not White; athletes in Ethiopia and Kenya reign supreme at events beyond 400 meters on the track and tend to dominate the world of long-distance running. …

In an ironic twist, it was my clients’ privilege that protected me that night

Photo illustration. Sources: Eva Blanco/Getty Images, EyeEm/Getty Images

A friend of mine owns a company that coaches endurance athletes, and I helped him get his company off the ground for a few years. We offered running, cycling, and swimming coaching to clients ranging all levels, whether it was beginners running their first 5K or elite triathletes and ultra-marathoners. I still remember how he tricked me — a former sprinter — into working for him.

He’s one of my best friends, so when he casually asked me to coach a marathon group, I said sure — but as a former sprinter, I could barely run a 5k then. …


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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