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At least wear a damn mask

Photo illustration; source: martin-dm/Getty Images

“Need a spot, bruh? Here, lemme just… [somehow squats directly over your face]. Okay. Yeah, man, get it. Get it! Grind it! YOU GOT THIS! THE GRIND DON’T STOP! YES! POWER! FEEL IT! Whoooooooooo! Incredible work, man. When you’re done stretching, just lemme know and I’ll come back to help with the lifts.”

We’ve got no issues waiting for our turn at the deadlift platform. Except, that is, when this guy has to adjust his phone juuuust so, then record each set, then watch and edit each video — all so he can post them on r/formcheck with the caption…

Dear Level

Who could be cranky after a fat-burning quickie?

Illustration: Janet Sung

Did you know that sex can possibly save your life? Or, at the very least, prolong it? It’s true. But there’s a bit of a tweak to your sex schedule you may want to think about implementing. Turns out setting your alarm clock an hour earlier just might be healthy for you — and for your relationship.

Let me explain.

Every day, my dude is up at the crack of dawn. I am not. Because of this, he’s lights-out the moment his head touches the pillow. I am not. We manage to meet in the middle when we can —…

We need to make running accessible — and safe — for non-White Americans

Photo: RunPhoto/Getty Images

Thanks to the pandemic, I haven’t met up for runs with my cross-country team lately. But when we were all in the same locker room, a look around made one thing clear: Except for one or two teammates, everyone else was White.

As is the rest of the running world.

Of course, some of the most successful runners in the world are not White; athletes in Ethiopia and Kenya reign supreme at events beyond 400 meters on the track and tend to dominate the world of long-distance running. …


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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