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Dr Seuss

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But the Biden administration isn’t taking the bait

Dr. Seuss books at a library.
Dr. Seuss books at a library.
Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Last week, during a Biden administration press briefing, a Fox News political reporter tried to take White House press secretary Jen Psaki on a trip to Seussville.

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

Pour a little out for the diggy-diggy-Doc, y’all

Photo illustration: Save As/Medium; Photo: Getty Images

4. “Karen Korvaller, the Manager-Kaller”

In this tale of a coffee run gone wrong, readers meet a disgruntled patron who just can’t leave well enough alone: “And she took a deep breath and she puffed out her bangs/and she yelled with a growl like a White Clubber Lang/pointing one pudgy finger that was covered in jewels/‘I SAID THREE PUMPS OF BIRTHDAY CAKE SYRUP, YOU FOOLS!’”

3. “And to Think That I Saw It on OnlyFans Street”

After a middle school student borrows his father’s smartphone, he stumbles upon the adult subscription service — and promptly regales his friends at school with the saga of what he witnessed: “Well, Tammy Tarturken was dancin’ and twerkin’/A guy called…

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