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If the White House wants to continue the nation’s pandemic recovery efforts, it has to fight the news channel that has prioritized profits over people’s lives

Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

For better or worse, Twitter is a useful way to clue some of us into the mindsets of those in government and media who help shape our news coverage. For this reason, it was frustrating to see anyone — much less people who ought to know better — champion Fox News host Sean Hannity for instructing his viewers to recognize their own mortality more than a year into a plague that has already taken the lives of more than 600,000 Americans.

“Please take Covid seriously,” Fox News’s Sean Hannity said on Monday night. “I can’t say it enough. Enough people…

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

Lotteries are cool, but it’s time to get creative

Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Getty Images

4. Cutsies on the SNKRS app

Rates of vaccine hesitancy among Gen Z — i.e., those damn kids — have only gone up. Know what might help? A decent shot at those Electric Green 6’s dropping this weekend!

We may not be jumping at Anheuser-Busch’s free beer offer, but that’s because Budweiser is fucking terrible. The idea itself — a gift card for a specific purpose — is a good one. So how about this: Pay our damn light bill! Utility companies already killed people this year. Maybe it’s time to help save some lives.

There are huge swaths of people who aren’t opposed to getting…

Four words: Acceptable rate of loss

Photo: Getty Images

With more states removing mask mandates and other Covid-19 restrictions in coming weeks, I’ve suddenly found myself in a number of discussions about next steps: How swiftly should schools open? For small business, is this good news or a death sentence? Will live music return with the numbers it needs to staunch the bleeding of closing venues? How can we ever know who in the room is actually vaccinated?

But none of that is what I want to talk about. …

Doughnuts, fish plates, cash… whatever works

Source: Getty Images

This past March, a corporate executive aware of his vast customer base had an idea to speed up the efforts to vaccinate more Americans and help end the ongoing hell that is this plague: a free doughnut in exchange for proof of vaccination.

Given the realities of life in 2021, of course this campaign prompted criticism from some within the medical community, including doctor and frequent CNN talking head Leana Wen, MD. Apparently, Krispy Kreme giving away some of their frosty-ass doughnuts is a bad example of how to incentivize vaccinations. (And don’t take that as shade, Krispy Kreme lovers…

They may seem like a golden ticket, but it’s complicated

“Vaccine passports could further marginalize the same communities who’ve been hit hardest in this pandemic, due to the built-in systems of privilege and inequity in our society.” — Craig Spencer…

365 days ago, a group of actors learned that money and fame didn’t mean as much as they’d thought

Gal Gadot speaks at the 26th Annual Critics Choice Awards on March 7, 2021. Photo: Getty Images for the Critics Choice Association/Getty Images

A year ago, we were scared. The world had shut down, and nobody really knew how dangerous Covid-19 was going to prove to be. We were wiping down groceries, thinking that being anywhere near anyone else was a death sentence. Jobs were vaporizing; entire industries seemed to be shutting down. And we had a president we knew was constitutionally incapable of saving anyone’s life.

On this morning a year ago, Gal Gadot saw this dire state of the world and decided to do something. …

Pandemic Reflections

Last March, I was about to head into a new phase of my life. Turns out we all were.

Pfizer vaccine doses at a vaccine site in Porter Ranch, California, on March 15, 2021. Photo: Sarah Reingewirtz/Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG/Getty Images

Before the world as I understood it was flipped on its head one year ago, I thought I was heading toward a different phase of my life. Things weren’t perfect by any stretch, but I could feel a shift on the horizon. I was preparing to move. My student loans, the bane of my existence and the subject of a solid chunk of my writing, were still annoying but no longer totally diminishing my quality of life. In fact, I was beginning to pay some of those loans off. …

Guidance from a global health doctor

“We are so close to stopping the epidemic in the U.S. — which makes this the worst time to take our foot off the brake like Texas and Mississippi are…

I thought long and hard about it, but I’m here to prove that it’s not that bad

Photo: Daniel Schludi/Unsplash

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed more than 500,000 people and infected almost 30 million people in the United States alone. Even with these extraordinarily high numbers, cases have been disproportionately amplified within communities of color. According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native people had an age-adjusted Covid-19 hospitalization rate about 5.3 times that of non-Hispanic White people. Covid-19 hospitalization rates among non-Hispanic Black people and Hispanic or Latino people were both about 4.7 times the rate of non-Hispanic White people.

Fortunately, within the past several months, three vaccines


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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