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Credit: Sony Pictures Television

Twenty-five years ago, Aaron McGruder introduced the world to the Freemans, and nothing would ever be the same

It’s hard to think the superhero would have chosen to go full Sammy Sosa

“Sunspot” Image: Marvel

The industry may have had a rough year, but there was plenty to celebrate

Photo illustration; sources: Rouzes/Getty Images, DC Comics, Marvel Comics

Great power now wears Jordan retros

From Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Image: Insomniac Games

In tough times, there’s no escape quite like disappearing into a universe of real heroes

As a 14-year-old Black boy in the Bronx, I knew anything was possible once I read that comic book

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Bugner, Kuala Lumpur, July 5, 1975. Photo: Central Press/Getty Images

Illustration: Freddy Carrasco

After a decade that saw comic-book movies and fantasy shows take over pop culture, we’re the ones calling the shots

The show is an unflinching reminder that a comic book can do more than simply feel like it speaks to my experience.

Photo: HBO

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