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Dear Level

Considering staying with an unfaithful partner? It’s time for some reflection.

Illustration: Olivia Fields

When I betrayed my fiancée, I destroyed my relationship. But the shadow stretches over the rest of my life as well.

Photo: Johnnyhetfield/Getty

I’m still learning what’s next

Photo: Plume Creative/Getty Images

Just Rankin’ Shit

Everything else in this country is rigged; why even bother playing by the rules?

Photo: Jay West/Getty Images

5. The Bash Brothers

4. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft

3. Rosie Ruiz

Lemme Get Back to You

How to handle your homie’s infidelity online — plus advice on finally tackling that creative project

Illustration: Michael Kennedy

Dear Level

LEVEL’s resident sexpert breaks down the common causes of infidelity

Illustration: Janet Sung

If she’s taking classes, having vision-board events, going to the gym, and learning Spanish, you’d better have your own goals too — or…

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