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Yes, they’re basically indentured servitude, but that doesn’t mean we should shame students who pursue them

Illustration: Michael Kennedy for LEVEL

Photo: Josefina Santos

The LEVEL Man at 40

Daniel Baker developed his gifts. Desus Nice gave them to the world. Now it’s time to expand.

The Only Black Guy in the Office

You may not be in person, but you’ve still gotta come correct

Illustration by Michael Kennedy for LEVEL


Turning 40 doesn’t mean you retire — it means you’ve got nothing left to prove

Photos: Lester Cohen/John Shearer/Scott Gries/Getty Images

When I betrayed my fiancée, I destroyed my relationship. But the shadow stretches over the rest of my life as well.

Photo: Johnnyhetfield/Getty

The icon paved the way for generations, even if he wasn’t as hands-on as some of us wished

André Leon Talley. Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The Only Black Guy in the Office

When steam tables and free cocktails just don’t cut it

Illustration: Richard A. Chance

The Only Black Guy in the Office

You can’t put a price on self-worth, but you can definitely value yourself when talking compensation

Illustration: Richard A. Chance

When sports is the only model of success presented to young Black boys, it sets up a framework of failure

Stars of the Netflix show “Last Chance U” Marcel Andry and Ronald Ollie. Photo: Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

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