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Black Women

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The vice president affirms my daughters’ dreams in ways no man can

Kamala Harris addresses supporters at party headquarters at the Chase Center on November 7, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Photo: Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post/Getty Images

One November night in 2008, I found myself with a house full of crying guests.

It’s not like the evening wasn’t festive. There was gumbo and chicken, cake and wine; we chatted and enjoyed each other’s company, even while we waited for the pivotal moment to arrive.

And then it happened: A Black man was elected president. He wouldn’t be just the president of the United States — he would be president.

I didn’t even know most of my guests that night. I was relatively new to my suburban neighborhood and invited everyone nearby who I thought would share…

Stanley Nelson’s Netflix documentary opened my eyes to how much Black and Hispanic women were preyed on by the American government

A warrant search and raid in Washington, D.C. Photo: Shepard Sherbell/CORBIS SABA/Corbis/Getty Images

If you haven’t seen on Netflix, you’re missing out on the most powerful documentary of this new year. Stanley Nelson’s film does a masterful job of contextualizing the crack era of the ’80s by highlighting both its roots and branches — from the White House to inner-city street corners. Much of the information Nelson doles out isn’t new. It’s widely known that the crack-cocaine epidemic was the brainchild of then-President Ronald Reagan to keep alive some ego-driven loyalty to Nicaraguan drug dealers. I knew it was supported by both Republicans and Democrats. …

Post-election, many have offered their thanks to Black women for stepping up (as always) to save American democracy. But words are not enough. In his latest essay, “We Can’t Just…

Ending the War on Black Women
Ending the War on Black Women

Abolition for the People

Victory will not be achieved through prosecutions, but through transforming the conditions of violence


The outcry in response to Breonna Taylor’s murder by the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department is indisputably…

Abolition for the People

Why #SayHerName is crucial to the struggle for Black freedom


September 23, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron delivered the much-anticipated decision on whether Breonna Taylor’s killers…

Timeline of Sounds

On rhythm, astronauts, and rain

Illustration: Trevor Fraley

Missy, I am sorry that we are all not cloaked in wild, bloated trash bags bouncing down the boulevard to some high hats kicking against a rattling car window. Missy, I am sorry that finger waves went out of style too quickly for our people to truly savor them, but I will say that before they did, in the dying notes of one late-’90s summer, I did kiss a girl underneath the Bishop Hartley High School bleachers and her finger waves were on point, and the sun shone on them and I felt briefly sanctified, or at least I knew…

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