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Black Panther

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Movie studios and actors profit from the pain and names of political prisoners but rarely lend a hand in their fight

In 2018, the house in which Fred Hampton was assassinated went into foreclosure. Since then, his son, Fred Hampton Jr., who was still weeks away from being born when his father was killed in 1969, started a GoFundMe campaign to save his family’s Illinois home. By early February, “Save the…

“My father deserves to be free.”


Russell ‘Maroon’ Shoatz and Russell Shoatz III share how they built an unshakable relationship in spite of incarceration and separation

This article is part of Abolition for the People, a series brought to you by a partnership between Kaepernick Publishing and LEVEL, a Medium publication for and about the lives of Black and Brown men. The series, which comprises 30 essays and conversations over four weeks, points to the crucial…

It doesn’t take much to understand that if you’re vulnerable in your environment, you may need to act in self-defense

I’d just moved into a beautiful, cozy home, a lovely two-bedroom with a massive backyard for the dog to waddle in the dirt, in Oildale — by far the shittiest part of Bakersfield, California.

Let me say now: I was warned multiple times. Not by posters or signs, but word…

After a decade that saw comic-book movies and fantasy shows take over pop culture, we’re the ones calling the shots

I was lucky to grow up a comic book fan.

My parents saw my early love of comic books — the way I’d hide out at the Waldenbooks in the first floor of West Jackson’s Metrocenter Mall while they shopped, the way I talked endlessly about storylines I’d written myself…

‘In my wildest dreams, there is no king. I killed the king. The king is dead. All power to the people.’

I began to become African a little over twenty-five years ago. That was when I left Nigeria and moved to the US. I had been born in the US in the summer of 1975 and had been taken to Nigeria in the fall of the same year. For the next…


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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