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We made some lists, and here’s the order of the lists we’ve written…

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Sample entry: Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens (Boomerang)

Who wouldn’t want to bunk up with two ’90s sex symbols? As long as Marcus stays the hell away from our feet, we good with making things a little Strangé.

Sample entry: “Do you like kids? You can racially profile my Brown one!”

Part of being conservative enough to speak at the Republican National Convention is accepting the bitter pill that your own Brown son is more likely to commit a crime than your White son. You love them both equally, but a potential RNC fling doesn’t need to know that.


The phrase “protect Black women” has become a mantra this year, a necessary rally cry. And rappers and their respective fans have done little to directly rise to the occasion…


I somehow survived this wild-ass year, and I’m taking these learnings with me

Illustration: Michael Kennedy

I may not be Miss Cleo, but I can make the following forecast about the future with confidence: Anyone who lived through 2020 will have a story to tell about it for the rest of their lives. There are people who are not even born yet (shout out to quarantine babies!) who will learn about 2020 in history classes throughout their public school years. It will be discussed the way today’s generation dissects things like 9/11, the Great Recession, Barack Obama’s historic rise to the presidency, and — whether we like it or not — Donald Trump’s election in 2016

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying

“Despite a pandemic that struck Black communities with cruel precision, the virus in the White House, and months of protesting systemic racism and extrajudicial police violence against Black people, we…


Most of us aren’t. Here are some 2020-appropriate alternative greetings.

Illustration: Michael Kennedy

Is anybody well in 2020? I doubt it.

I know I’m not, and my colleagues inside and outside of my company probably aren’t either. For example, for everyone living on the West Coast, outside looks like Mars. Meanwhile, inside, there’s the usual news about Covid-19, more Black people being shot by the police, and the volatile protests in response — it’s a constant loop of depression. Everything is raggedy, and I’m only using that word because it makes me laugh. I need all the laughs I can get these days.

So why do we insist on fixing our fingers to…

It may not alleviate my anxiety as much as turning off the news, but it’s one of the few things I can control these days

Photo: Oleksandr Belinskyi/Getty Images

Earlier this summer, I somehow convinced myself that I was about to lose my neck.

I wasn’t exactly sure how, but I just knew as punishment for smoking way too much weed lately, my fate was to become a windpipe-less Negro like Heathrow in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral. (Sorry to the cultured folks who read that sentence and just cussed me out in their heads, but the shit was on Amazon Prime. It’s not like I’ve been able to go do hoodrat shit with my friends outside in the last six months, so I’ve been watching all types…

Just Rankin’ Sh!t

What the hell else was there to do this year?

Photo: Netflix

Come for everyday people of all ages busting their asses in themed obstacle courses where the sole objective is to make it to the end without descending into the pool of orange below. Stay for multiple shoutouts to Nipsey Hussle — before someone eats shit attempting to leap from a couch to a slippery kitchen table. It’s the perfect mindless entertainment.

11. 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (TLC)

In pursuit of marriage, folks strike up a romantic connection with lovers abroad, making for the type of trainwreck TV you just can’t turn away from. Shenanigans are aplenty, like the scammer solely known as Williams, who catfishes a…

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