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Martin Lawrence’s 9 Best Characters on ‘Martin,’ Ranked

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2 min readMar 9, 2020


Photo illustration; Source images: Fox Broadcasting Company

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9. King Beef

Martin’s take on a blaxploitation star also recalled the dance-happy MC Hammer.

8. Bob

Every Black comedian’s go-to gag is cracking on wypipo; Martin donned whiteface and a blond wig to play Gina’s surfer dude co-worker.

7. Elroy Preston

When he’s not fixing cars, Elroy croons his personal soundtrack, the ’60s-styled “Don’t You Know No Good.”

6. Ol’ Otis

Martin donned a plush suit to play this rent-a-cop with a chip on his shoulder.

5. Edna (Mama) Payne

Martin’s overbearing, mustachioed mama routinely meddled in her son’s relationship.

4. Dragonfly Jones

There’s really nothing wrong with being 36 in a karate class — unless you get your ass kicked as consistently as Martin’s martial artist alter ego.

3. Roscoe