The Ultimate Guide to Black Men’s Hair

Our New Hair Package Has Fresh Cuts for Everyone

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Jermaine Hall
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3 min readMay 4, 2020


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You were supposed to be reading this at the end of March with a fresh cut. Your hair was supposed to be unmatched like Snoop seconds after a deep conditioner. Then Covid-19 hit, and our collection of stories celebrating hair didn’t feel all that appropriate. How do you celebrate hair when the barbers and shops can’t operate for the foreseeable future?

Then an incredible thing started to happen. You started leaning into your hair journeys. Puff gave into his gray beard. Ray Allen proudly showed off his George Jefferson natural state. And DJ Khaled, a man who certainly doesn’t skimp on self-care, rocked a grizzly look with salt-and-pepper accents. He’s the best.

At this stage, we felt you were in need of — and deserved — some levity. But first a question.

Do you remember when you first started losing your hair? Not when you finally admitted it, but when you knew. You’re precise with that recollection, right? Of course, and possibly with more detail than your wedding reception. There’s a reason for that…



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