“Mindfulness is a useful practice, but conflating the new age Eurocentric and class-centric interpretation and practice of this millennia-old ‘trend’ just reeks of classism and frankly, is ineffective and highly problematic. The downward dog, crystals, and aligned chakras will not address racism or convert a racist into a pillar for social justice.”

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1 min readJan 27, 2021

It only took centuries of systematic oppression, but in 2020, many non-Black Americans finally awoke to the continued legacy of racism in the United States. While some might expect the momentum of that collective revelation to snowball into 2021, writer Maia Niguel Hoskin, Ph.D. has noticed some organizations Whitewashing the movement by proposing New Age methods “as examples of hands-off ways to fight anti-Blackness.” To which we say, LOL.

In her latest piece for ZORA, “Just Stop It With the New-Age, Hands-Off Approach to Fighting Racism,” Hoskin calls out these misguided, unproductive approaches to social justice that seek to avoid actual work at all costs.

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