Google (Sex) Drive: How the Cloud Software Can Help You in Bed

Google’s suite of cloud apps has all the fixings for your corporate and creative endeavors: dope docs, spreadsheets galore, Zoom-friendly presentations, templates for surveys you’ve gotta bug colleagues to take. But Google Drive can be a boon for your personal life, too. In “How Google Drive Can Make Every Corner of Your Life Easier,” Alexandra Samuel (with contributions from several Forge writers and editors) counts and explains the endless ways you can use Drive for self-improvement or just to make your life simpler.

The expansive guide covers everything from money management to kitchen inventory to plopping all of your exes into a spreadsheet as a road map for future relationships. One of the more interesting sections is all about spicing up your sex life. For the lazy-yet-lustful among us, there’s the “Sext-o-matic” spreadsheet, which auto-generates sexy texts based on body parts, adjectives, and verbs of your choosing. If you’ve got a thing for more expansive writing, you could collaborate on erotica with your partner in Google Docs.

Then there’s the Sexual Wishlist™.

“Anytime you read about a position or activity you’d like to try, copy and paste it into your Doc, along with the source link or title,” Samuel writes. “Share the Doc with your partner, and encourage them to paste in their own finds, too.” Never again will we underestimate the power of the cloud. Dive in here:

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