Don’t Expect Me to Work After Police Brutality Makes the News

This is not a vacation day. This is sick time.

If an important deadline falls on the day after the killing of a Black person by the police, I’m sorry. If it throws the schedule out of whack, it is what it is. If I was slated to bring the primary dish on a staff food day, you should make lunch plans.

The last thing a Black person should have to do the day after the police kill a Black person is serve people. The customer is not always right on a good day, and their chances of being wrong on a day like this are even worse. Mind you, they need not actually be wrong—they can do plenty of damage just by being ignorant of the importance of the moment. Their ignorance isn’t necessarily their fault. America is composed of several Americas, all trying to live their best lives at the same time. You can’t know what you don’t know, and America makes it really easy to not know your neighbor’s pain. Black people who work in service industries should absolutely be allowed to take a day like that off, unless you want a flippant customer to be wearing their carefully prepared foie gras.

Writer and poet holding down Columbus, Ohio

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