Abolition for the People

Black Cops Don’t Make Policing Any Less Anti-Black

The idea that we can resolve racism by integrating a fundamentally anti-Black institution in the U.S. is the most absurd notion of all

On June 27, 2015, Bree Newsome climbed the flagpole at the Statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina, and removed the Confederate flag. Photo: Adam Anderson

Actions that may have been widely seen as adequate responses to injustice just a couple of decades ago now ring hollow to many observers who see that Black people continue to be killed by a system that remains largely unchanged.

Bree Newsome was taken into custody when she descended the flagpole with the flag. Photo: Adam Anderson

is an award-winning artist and activist known for her historic act of civil disobedience when she removed SC’s confederate flag in 2015. www.breenewsome.com

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