Black Characters Made ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Legendary

The show always embraced awkwardness, but it became something special when its Black characters got lives of their own

Vivica A. Fox in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Photo: HBO

The historically marginalized folks aren’t there to educate him; they’ve got their own lives to worry about. But that doesn’t mean they’re not gonna rub their disdain in his pale face.

To wit: “The N-Word,” in which Larry gets a hard-on while hugging Leon and Loretta’s elderly Auntie Rae (played by Ellia English of The Jamie Foxx Show fame). “What the fuck?” Leon says in disgust upon learning of the incident. “You hug my auntie, you stab her in the stomach?” He’s disappointed in Larry’s inability to control himself when, given the stereotypes undergirding their dynamic, it’s Black men’s sexual proclivity that’s often put under the microscope.

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