America Will Never Learn Its Lesson

Despite Biden and Harris’ win, the sheer numbers supporting Trump reinforces some ugly truths about this nation

John Kennedy
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2 min readNov 7, 2020


After four years of fuckery, the presidential election shouldn’t have been this close. Donald Trump has flailed and failed his way through his tenure as president, from spearheading inhumane immigration practices to royally botching a pandemic to covering up all types of sketchy shit (from his tax payments to alleged collusion with Russia). Yet while he was trumped by Joe Biden’s popular vote numbers (a record-setting 74 million-plus), Trump managed to surpass Barack Obama’s previous record of more than 69 million popular votes. That’s right, 70 million people voted for this dude nationwide.

As much as it’s shocking, it really isn’t. Especially if you’ve paying attention to the inner workings of the U.S. at any point during these past 300 years. Our countrymen are who we thought they were: sheep; racists; capitalists with few morals and even less compassion; Bible thumpers with selective virtues; those so stuck on supremacy that they’d rather watch the nation burn than cede even an ounce of their own power and privilege.

Writer Bonsu Thompson was reminded of this truth while watching this election play out. In his latest piece, “What Half of America Choosing Trump Again Taught Me,” he reflects on why Biden and Harris’ victory has a sour feel.

White supremacy is a mindset inherited and kneaded into human fiber like soft kernels to yellow dough. That their poster boy of the decade failed to repeat doesn’t matter as much as one may assume.

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