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This is an email from Minority Report, a newsletter by LEVEL.

A shout-out to this year’s MVP: You

Level Reader,

It’s been a trash year. We’ve had to deal with two pandemics. One is COVID-19; the other, anti-Black racism. We know many who are out of work — or, worse, are no longer with us due to the virus. None of this is lost on us when we greenlight stories to put out into the world.

Hopefully we’ve informed you and occasionally made you laugh, even through the worst of this shit-storm. I started this pub with a very focused mission. The category that was most important to nail was race and identity. If we did that correctly, I believed everything else would fall into place. It’s getting there.

Thank you for finding time to connect with us through words. You’ve done it often, and we’re grateful for it. As we’ve preached in this weekly newsletter, tell a friend to tell a friend if you like what you’re reading. In the meantime, we’ll keep serving you journalism that’s hotter than Trump after his election loss.

Happy Holidays.

Jermaine Hall, Director, Medium Editorial Group

P.S. This graphic was commissioned for you by designer and murlalist Queen Andrea— it’s the least we could do.




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Jermaine Hall

Jermaine Hall

Jermaine Hall is a digital publishing executive. When he’s not running his two sons and wife from place to place he’s watching Lakers games.

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