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A European-rooted holiday that began with disguised White people welcoming devils into their homes? No thanks.

Aside from Columbus Day, Halloween may be America’s most trash holiday tradition. Yes, it’s even worse than Thanksgiving.

Obviously, Turkey Day’s origin is connected to the genocide of thousands of Native Americans. Yet it has evolved into a time of the year when families gather and tighten. Just as enslaved…

Dear Level

Giving “full mast” a whole new meaning

Sex is a love language. Carnal conversation. How you operate in the bedroom can say a lot about who you are in other respects. So… how’s your native tongue?

You may not realize the coital cues you’re giving and how they might be interpreted. But, I assure you, women’s antennae…

The outcry over Dave Chappelle’s ‘The Closer’ should be about more than just trans rights

There are certain things you’re not supposed to say in 2021. Or, more precisely, there are certain people you’re not supposed to offend.

Straight White men are fair game. There’s nothing you can’t say about people with this particular set of immutable traits. …

The late statesman was embraced by White societies in ways unfathomable for most Black people

On Monday, former soldier, general, and statesman Colin Powell died at 84 years old of complications from Covid-19. …

The show always embraced awkwardness, but it became something special when its Black characters got lives of their own

HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm opened its 10th season with star and series creator Larry David reestablishing his race-riffing repartee with on-screen crony Leon Black (J.B. Smoove). “You like your color?” asks Larry, self-conscious about his own saltine skin tone. “I fucking love my color; I’m fuckin’ mahogany,” Leon replies without…


Who’s the snowflake now?

Ever since Dave Chappelle released his latest comedy special, The Closer, I’ve seen countless think pieces about how his jokes are transphobic, punch down, or just aren’t funny. Some are even calling for the stand-up to be pulled from Netflix entirely — yet another example of cancel culture dictating what…

Enthusiasm behind a Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson run at the White House is growing. Here we go again.

I’m not surprised that in spite of the ongoing nightmare that’s been Donald Trump’s era as a politician, Americans maintain an appetite for celebrity political candidates. That’s why it’s not so much of a question of whether an ex-professional wrestler can become president of the United States of America, but…

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk

In May, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant landed in the hospital after a passenger punched her in the face. According to a representative for Southwest’s flight attendants union, she lost two teeth in the altercation.

One week later, a passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to…

Can we still call them privileged?

What about me?

That is the question. It’s so integral to human thought and expression that it easily could qualify as our Animal Kingdom equivalent to arf, oink, and moo.

It’s also a question that, whether asked directly or implied, can curtail every meaningful discussion about race and racism. There…

We’re either the hottest or we don’t exist

L ast summer, a Twitter thread widely circulated after posing a question about Hollywood pop culture:

Scrolling through the replies, it wasn’t surprising that most responses were White actors. When I took it upon myself to call out the lack of diversity in the replies, the here’s-an-exception people arrived…


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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