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So it seems that most Americans would rather gargle gravy or take a can of that cranberry shit to the head than have a conversation about politics.

In a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Monday, 66% of adults said that they are “hoping to avoid” conversations about politics at…

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This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that three men who decided to hunt and lynch Ahmaud Arbery for the crime of jogging while Black in America can still be found guilty by a mostly White jury of their peers.

(No anti-lynching bill has been passed by Congress into federal law.


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4. Turkey

Let’s keep it a buck: We only eat turkey because it’s tradition. There might be some great methods of preparing this main event of the meal—e.g., deep-frying that shit and going heavy with delicious seasonings—but there are far superior birds and meats out there. …

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Last week, Senator Patrick Leahy, the Senate’s longest-serving Democrat, announced he is retiring after 47 years in office.

For those unfamiliar with Leahy, he is the other old White male Vermont senator not named Bernie. Leahy also has the distinct honor of being the sole member of Congress to have…

The Only Black Guy in the Office

Illustration: Michael Kennedy

When you become a manager of people, there’s always someone who will emphasize that with great power comes great responsibility, as if they’re dropping some novel wisdom on you (and not cribbing from Spider-Man comics). However true this may be, there’s an actual bit of useful advice that isn’t forewarned…

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It must be nice to know that you can carry an AR-15, shoot three people, claim self-defense, and then be acquitted by a nearly all-White jury of your peers that also features “a Black, the Black, the only Black” jury member.

Kyle Rittenhouse, now 18, exited a courtroom today as…


Higher Learning. A publication from Medium for the interested man.

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