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7 ‘Power’ Characters We’d Most Like to Come Back From the Dead (Because Why Not?), Ranked

The Starz crime drama already pushes the boundaries of believability. So there’s no harm in reviving a few of the fallen soldiers, right?

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2 min readSep 6, 2020


Photo illustration. Source: Starz

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7. Terry Silver

This by-the-books attorney — and Tasha’s romantic rebound — just got lost in the sauce. Haven’t we all been there one time or another? Ghost ain’t have to do him like a N.O.R.E. song, though.

6. Vincent Ragni

So to be real, we didn’t really rock with dude like that. But he did give Tariq the long-overdue whooping that he deserved, going full fruit ninja with a bag of oranges. Some might say the kid was [puts on shades] beat to a pulp. That alone is enough to warrant this Italian mobster a 1-Up. Let him get one of those white-and-green Mario mushrooms, a senzu bean, something. He earned it.

5. Shawn Stark and LaKeisha Grant (tie)